A  Family  of  Trikers

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              Director :  Gene Hanshaw    641-919-6778


             Asst. Director :  Dale Walker  641-660-2624


                                                 Goes for 2 as well as 3 wheels

  I will greet fellow Trikers when possible , no matter what there ride or who       they are.

  I shall not pass by , nor turn away from my brother Triker who is in distress.

  I take it upon myself to protect children , the old , and sickly. 

  I understand and accept that we may belong to many different clubs , or just   be lone Trikers , we are bound by the common bond of our chosen mode of     transportation.

               We stand together as one.                 I'm proud to be a TRIKER !

         We are family oreinted non profit group of Trikers who like to Ride and have Fun ... we like to raise money to help children in need ....  the elderly and the surrounding commnuities ...  we give to food banks ...visit and give rides to residents at several nursing homes & assited living .  Three years sponsoring the special needs ball team the Freedom Trikers .. the kids are great and a joy to watch .   Come check us out sometime ... visit one of our meetings ... your always welcome !